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“Back in Uganda, life was a battle,” he says. “In the wake of going to college, I began gathering papers to make arrangements. I had no entrance to any sort of craftsmanship or workmanship materials.” His life changed after he found out about the Bag Factory, and he connected for the Reinhold Cassirer Award in 2011.

He began to paint and sold his first work for R500. After three years, Lutaaya directions R40 000 for a bag factory gzdreamway, and his work has been appeared at various neighborhood and global displays.

“Being at the Bag Factory has given me the space to learn and create. The living arrangement has helped me to get where I am today. What’s more, my prosperity has enabled me to offer back to those out of luck and to the Bag Factory.” He has given over R200 000 to youngsters’ NGOs and has begun a trust for oppressed kids in Uganda.

Grant champ

Asanda Kupa, a craftsman from Molteno in Eastern Cape, won the Reinhold Cassirer Award in 2013 and now leases a studio. “You are under one rooftop with experienced craftsmen,” Kupa says of the Bag Factory. “You understand you are on the guide and are paid attention to and supported.”

Diana Hyslop, who initially worked at the Johannesburg Art Foundation, has leased a studio at the Bag Factory for a long time. “I have gone on some astounding residencies through the Bag Factory, to Uruguay, to France on the Camac residency program,” she says. “Also, in 2012, there was a trade program among French and South African specialists.

Hyslop’s most recent works of art are of nourishment. “I needed to concentrate on the sustenance emergency on the planet, and interestingly the fixation on eating less junk food and being flimsy, and how the body looks, and the wellbeing trends that go back and forth.”

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